Shining Tears

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It’s been over a year since I last posted, but hey. No excuses.  No one’s following this blog anyway, I can do what I want, right?

In that year I rediscovered a song I absolutely loved when it came out, and had managed to forget in the 7 years in between. The difference between me 7 years ago and me now is that now, I go to Japanese karaoke places. You better believe the next time I had a chance to go (…a month ago…), I put this song in and happily sang it. Whether I was any good is something I leave up to your imagination. And since I’m translating stuff for Japanese class homework anyway, I thought I’d throw this song through my gears.

Shining Tears, (for which the song, Shining Tears, is obviously named) is a game in the Shining series of video games, which, I’ll be honest, I never really managed to get into. I didn’t have (nor did I ever bother to emulate) a Sega console, and while I did try to give Shining Soul a try, Wiki says it’s not even the same kind of game as the original Shining Force line. Obviously the games weren’t why I liked this song.

No, when it came out I was near the peak or maybe just a little after the peak of my seiyuu fascination. I couldn’t tell you for sure, it has been 7+ years. Hoshi Souichirou had just gotten immensely popular off of Gundam SEED, though, and I was pretty iffy about his character single for Kira Yamato. It’s sort of what happens when you also have Seki Tomokazu singing on a character single for the same series – I don’t give a shit about anything but Seki.

Luckily for Hoshi, I have always been the type to give anything I might remotely know a listen, and this track came off much better in my ears then and now. Perhaps because pop backed with orchestral-strings goes better with his nasal voice (there, I said it. Hoshi sounds nasal when singing.) than electric guitars. It samples some really classic piece that I can’t remember despite having studied it in an Intro to Music class that I mostly took for the easy grade. But it’s the chorus that I love about this song. It starts off like it’d be a slower, mid-tempo ballad piece that I would absolutely hate, and then in the bridge, it powers up into the sweeping chorus. Just… wham.

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A freedom without answers [AVTechNO!’s free]

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While I have to credit my baby steps into Vocaloid fandom to the utaite known as シエル*/Ciel, it’s AVTechNO! I would have to blame for the full-on bull-charging run. And more specifically, it’s free. Released in March 2010, on a whim, I decided that with a name like free, it couldn’t really hurt to give this song a try. So I gave it a try, and I’ve been a fairly vocal fan of AVTechNO! since.

free is comprised of two tracks – the original, and free LENmix, the latter of which is apparently more popular. The basic composition is the same for both, but LENmix has more of a trance nudge to it thanks to a change in the synth melody. Of course, Len is the one performing the Japanese chorus in LENmix, which may also add to its popularity with the fangirls. Personally, I prefer the variety in vocals – Luka’s high-if-unintelligible-thanks-to-the-added-synth English lines are a nice backing to Len, though it’s not too bad in free.

With an uncertain amount of thanks to Ciel, I’m in the Vocaloid fandom. I don’t quite know why, because I’m still off and on about a lot of songs. But this release is arguably a good start for anyone wanting to dip their toes.

Cruel Aria ~Zankoku na Senritsu

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Ohkawa Toru is known to me mostly as the first Roy Mustang in the anime adaptation of Hagane no Renkinjutsushi that derailed from the manga. I seriously don’t think I’ve watched anything else he voiced besides that. (Apparently he voiced Diegostar in Ueki no Housoku, but hell if I remembered his character before looking this up.)

So that sort of tells you I didn’t play Neo Angelique or watch its anime adaptation, Neo Angelique Abyss. Luckily, there’s Wikipedia. So I know about Nyx (the character Ohkawa Toru voices) and I know why this song fits him, and damn, is it sad. Also, now I want to play the game because of this song.

Off the 5th of the Neo Angelique Abyss character singles (Neo Angelique Abyss CHARACTER SONGS SCENE05), this is, as you no doubt realize, Nyx’s character song. I’m going to confess that I didn’t like this song at first because Kusunoki Taiten’s character song from the same series of singles was just so amazing everything else got blown out of the water. And then I went back and gave it another listen, and the descending bridge line (“iyashi no ARIA/kodoku na ARIA”) grabbed me. It’s a basic song otherwise, guitars and drums providing all the music, and would probably be fun to play on Rock Band if it were possible – but it’s really (rightly) Ohkawa’s voice that grabs you. He gets the sad tone just right. And that bridge. Oh, that bridge. I want to marry that bridge.

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Where to begin?

Oh, right, how about here.

So, hi. I’m Kimitsu and I’m not a seiyuu fangirl.

Say what? No, seiyuu. Ah, sorry, that’s not what you meant, was it?

Sure, that’s what the title of this blog says. “Fangirl.” But, really I’m not, and you’re going to have to believe me when I say I’m not, because I’m not.

Instead, I was a seiyuu fangirl. And that is the key difference. My era is the era of Seki Tomokazu, Koyasu Takehito, Hayashibara Megumi, and Ogata Megumi. Kuwashima Houko, Kikuchi Masami, Sakamoto Chika, Tomizawa Michie. When Paku Romi was more Ren in Shaman King and Ken in Digimon Adventure 02, hitting it big with Ueki and Ed instead of Nana in, well, NANA. When seiyuu was less idols, though they were idolized within the fandom.

Oh, and most importantly, my era ended when I stopped being a fan of anime and things related. Oh, I still prefer my Japanese voice track when I get it in games, but let’s face it – things get ported over and redubbed and there is no option to go back.

So in the entirety of the term, I am no longer a seiyuu fangirl. (I am, however, a fangirl of other things.) It started when I was small with a Sailormoon fandom that led me to this fanfic and its just-for-fun seiyuu page. It grew to encompass various anime I watched because I liked the content and even anime I would watch just because of this seiyuu or another. It hit a peak when I got into character songs – especially for video games (such as Angelique and Sakura Taisen) and shounen series. And then after Tennis no Oujisama and Ueki no Housoku, and discovering I had no particular interest for any of the character releases from BLEACH and Hagane no Renkinjutsushi, nor keeping up on seiyuu (much less anime), I gave up and focused my interest in Japanese music on the commercial pop side.

I recently rediscovered my love of otome games and grew nostalgic for those songs, and after further repeated listens realized I was pretentious enough to want to share what I thought of them with the world. So sure, you don’t have any real reason to read this blog if you are a seiyuu fan, but I like to think of myself as a different point of view.